Rules of Engagement

Welcome to Reason for the Faith, a blog where a wide spectrum of topics, questions, misunderstandings, and objections pertaining to the Christian world view are addressed in a clear and concise way.  To read more about the content, purpose, goals, and beliefs of the authors, please visit the About page. 

Because philosophical, religious, scientific, archaeological, historical, epistemological, etc. topics can often be polarizing and invoke a great deal of passion, it is important that we establish some basic ground rules aimed at ensuring the dialog remains respectful and constructive. 

In the spirit of full disclosure, here are some basic ground rules to consider before you leave comments:

1) We may have to agree to disagree.  RFTF understands and respects strong, even contrary, opinions to our own and our intent is to be as open as possible.  While ideas have an equal right to expression, two contradictory ideas cannot be equally true at the same time, in the same context.  Healthy dialog in the spirit of an honest pursuit of truth and a deeper understanding of the issues is encouraged.  For this reason, we are not in the business of filtering responses to posts based on accuracy or consistency with our beliefs.

2) Keep the conversation going.  There is a difference between being disagreeable and being offensive.  Comments that are irrelevant to the topic, become personal in nature, hateful, malicious, threatening, profane, explicit, or otherwise inappropriate will be promptly removed.  We believe such important topics can and should be discussed in a mature and respectful way.  Posts deemed to be spam or for commercial interests will also be promptly removed.

3) Violators, especially repeat offenders, will be permanently blocked from commenting on this blog.  These ground rules are both simple and fair.  They will apply regardless of which side of the discussion you happen to be on, so please help us avoid having to exercise this last ground rule.

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